One or Many Antisexes? Introduction to Andrei Platonov’s “The Anti-Sexus”

  • Aaron Schuster
Keywords: Communism, Masturbation, Platonov, Psychoanalysis ,Sex


This essay is intended as an introduction to Andrei Platonov’s short satirical brochure for a universal masturbation machine, titled “The Anti-Sexus.” I discuss some of the philosophical issues the pamphlet raises about capitalism and desire, death drive and satisfaction. Part of the trickiness of the text is that it is difficult to discern exactly who or what Platonov is lampooning. Is there a way to think about sexuality that avoids the alternatives of the invisible “handjob” of the market, revolutionary puritanism, and bureaucratic regulation? The essay makes connections between Platonov’s antisexualism and Viktor Shklovsky’s literary formalism, a more recent treatment of the same theme in Stanisław Lem, and Norbert Wiener’s apocalyptic cybernetics.

Author Biography

Aaron Schuster

Head of the Theory Programm; Visiting Professor
Sandberg Institute; University of Chicago
Fred. Roeskestraat 96,  Amsterdam, Netherlands 1076 ED


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