The journal welcomes interdisciplinarity. It covers a broad range of topics, from the purely philosophical, such as negativity, to the culturally and historically specific, such as social movements, religion, and sexuality. Stasis primarily publishes original research in the form of articles and book reviews, but it has also published essays, roundtable discussions, and translations of important historical works into English.

Articles submitted to Stasis journal should be original and unpublished contributions, and should not be under consideration by any other publication at the same time.

Anyone is welcome to submit an article or book review to Stasis. We prefer articles or book reviews to be submitted in English, but they may also be submitted in Russian, French, or German. Articles and book reviews submitted in English will take priority in being considered for publication.

Responsibility for the contents of the paper rests upon the authors and not upon the editors or the publisher. Authors of submitted papers should familiarize themselves with the copyright transfer regulations for Stasis journal, European University at St Petersburg.