All manuscripts submitted to Stasis journal are subject to double-blind peer-review procedure in order to guarantee objective evaluation of materials and obtain advice from experts in the relevant area of study.  

Peer-review process consists of the following steps:

  1. Each submitted manuscript is first reviewed by the editor(s) to decide whether further consideration should be granted. If the manuscript passes this initial screening, it will be assigned to external peer-reviewers with a relevant academic background and research expertise.
  1. Two anonymous and independent reviewers evaluate the manuscript and assess the quality of research presented. Reviewers are encouraged to provide detailed comments and recommendations for the author(s).
  1. Basing on reviewers’ comments, the editor(s) make(s) an informed decision on the manuscript: acceptance without any changes, acceptance with minor revisions, resubmission after major revisions, rejection.
  1. If reviewers disagree, the editor(s) may send the article to a third external reviewer.
  1. Reviewers are required to maintain the confidentiality of the manuscripts they review. Reviewers are required to reveal any possible conflict of interests before taking up the review.
  1. The author receives all the comments from the editor(s) and reviewers and (if required) revises the article.
  1. Once accepted for publication, the manuscript is edited and returned to the author for final approval.