Artemy Magun

Professor of Democratic Theory,
Department of Political Science and Sociology

Degree: Ph.D. in Philosophy, Ph.D. in Political Sciences

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1665-3391

Born 3.06.1974; Male; Citizenship: Russia.

Department of Political Science and Sociology,

The European University at Saint-Petersburg, Gagarinskaya 3, Saint-Petersburg 191187, Russia

Tel. +7-8123867633 w; 7-9522229384 m; Fax +7-8123867633



December 2004 Doctor in Philosophy, The University of Strasbourg, France (Mention très honorable avec les félicitations unanimes du jury).

May 2003 Ph.D.  (Political Science), The University of Michigan.


Fall 2017 – Spring 2018    Visiting Professor, Bard College, NY, USA.

2012- current Professor of Democratic Theory, The European University at Saint-Petersburg

2011 – 2017 Chair (“dekan”), Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, The European University at Saint-Petersburg, Gagarinskaya 3, 191187.

2003-2011 Associate Professor, The European University at Saint-Petersburg

2011-current Part-time visiting professor, Smolny College

2003 – 2011  Associate Professor, Smolny College, Saint-Petersburg State University

Professional Service:

Editor-in-chief, Stasis, Journal in Social and Political Theory (EU SPb Publishers).

Academic Director of the Program “Socio-Political Philosophy”, European University at Saint-Petersburg.



2016 Demokratia. Demon i Gegemon. (Democracy. The Demon and The Hegemon, in Russian) EU SPb Publishers.

2013 Negative Revolution, NY-L.: Bloomsbury. (Reviews in: Theory and Event, Slavonica, Stasis).

2013 Politics of the One. Edited by A. Magun. NY-L.: Bloomsbury (formerly Continuum).

2011 Edinstvo i Odinochestvo (Unity and Solitude). Recommended by UMO in Liberal Arts and Humanities as a teaching material. Moscow, Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie.

2009 La révolution négative. La déconstruction du sujet politique. P.: Harmattan.

2008 Otrizatelnaya revoliuziia (The negative revolution), Saint-Petersburg, The European University at Saint-Petersburg Publishers

Selected recent articles in scholarly journals and edited volumes

2017 Boris Porshnev’s Dialectic of History, Stasis #2, 2017, pp. 218-247.

2017 (forthcoming) “The Intellectual Heritage of the 1917 Revolution: Reflection and Negativity”, Constellations, vol. 24, issue 4. Pp. 580-593.

2017 “Spontaneity and Revolution”, in South Atlantic Quarterly, vol. 116, # 4.        

2017 Viktor Pelevin’s apocalyptic postmodernism (reprinted in), The End of the World, ed. Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback and Susanna Lindberg (Rowman and Littlefield).

2017 Viktor Pelevin’s apocalyptic postmodernism, in Stasis, #1, 2017.

2016 Hysterical Machiavellianism. Russian Foreign Policy and the International Non-Relation. Theory and Event, Volume 19, Issue 3, July 2016.                                     

2015 The Concept of Event in the Philosophy of Vladimir Bibikhin, Stasis vol. 3, # 1, 134-155.

2014 New Populism of the Middle Class, Stasis vol. 2, # 1, 192-227.    

2014 Negativity in Communism, Russian Sociological Review, vol. 13, # 1,  9-25.

2013 Negative Imperialization, in Politics of the One (Bloomsbury, 2013), 177-201.

2013 De Negatione. What does it mean to say “no”. Stasis, vol. 1, # 1. 6-41.

2013 Negativity (dis-)embodied. Th. Adorno and Ph. Lacoue-Labarthe on  Mimesis. New German Critique, 2013, Volume 40, Number 1 118: 119-148.

2012 Karl Marx and Hannah Arendt on the Jewish Question. Continental   Philosophy Review, December 2012, Volume 45, Issue 4, 545-568.

2010 Perestroika kak konservativnaya revoliuzia (Perestroika as a conservative revolution), Neprikosnovennyi Zapas, # 6, 2010, Moscow.

2010 Otrizatelnaya revoliuzia Andreya Platonova (Andrey Platonov’s  Negative Revolution), Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, N 106. P. 56-88.

2010 Marx's Theory of Time and the Present Historical Moment, Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture & Society, 1475-8059, Volume 22, Issue 1, P. 90 – 109.

2010 The birth of terrorism out of the spirit of Enlightenment: the subject of Enlightenment and the terrorist sensorium. Law and Evil. Philosophy, Politics, Psychoanalysis. NY, Milton Park: Routledge. P. 148-168.

2009 What is an orientation in history? Openness and subjectivity. Telos, № 147 (Summer 2009): 121–48.

2007 The Double Bind. The Ambivalent Treatment of Tragic Passions in Hannah Arendt’s Theory of Revolution. History of Political Thought, # 4, 719-746.

2007 The Post-Communist Revolution in Russia and the    Genesis of Representative Democracy. Redescriptions. Yearbook of Political Thought and Conceptual History, Vol. 11, 61-78.

2007 Imperializatsia. Poniatie imperii i sovremennyi mir (“The imperialization. The concept of empire and the contemporary world”) Polis # 2, pp. 63-80.

2006 La révolution négative. La chute du communisme en Russie et le concept de révolution. Les Temps Modernes, Paris, #640, September-October, pp. 163-189.

2003 The Work of Leisure: The Figure of Empty Time in the Poetics of Hölderlin and Mandelshtam, Modern Language Notes, Volume 118, Number 5, December 2003.

1998 “Poniatie suzhdenia v filosofii Khanny Arendt” (“The notion of judgment in the philosophy of Hannah Arendt”), Voprosy Filosofii, Moscow, 11 (1998): 102-115.

Participation in Conferences (recent, selected)

2017 October 24-26, 1917-2017: Legacy of the Revolution and Specters of the Future. Organizer and presenter.

2017 October 20-21, “Revolutionary Dostoevsky”. University College, London.

2017 October 7-9, Russian revolution, Cambridge, Mass.

2017 June 7-9, Images of Sovereignty. University of Leuven, Belgium.

2017 May 30-31, Civil Society and Sovereignty in the 21st century. Smolny College, SPBSU.

2017 April 27-28, Modes of Thinking, Ways of Speaking. Annual conference of the School of Philosophy, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

2016 November 17-20, Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), Annual Conference,  Washington, DC, USA

2016 November 5-8, Historical Materialism journal conference

2016 April 27-28, Modes of Thinking, Ways of Speaking. Annual conference of the School of Philosophy, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.         

2016 February 1-3,  Authoritarianism today. Bard College in New York.                               

2015 September 24-26,End of the World”, Finnish Institute in Paris.

2015 August 4-8, World Congress of Slavic Studies, Makuhari, Japan.

2015 April 17-19, Political Violence and Militant Aeshetics, Yale University.

2014 November 20-23, Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), Boston.

2014 November 11-12, Can Humanism be reconsidered? National Center for Contemporary art, Moscow.

2014 November 6, The fall of Berlin wall – past, present, and future. Higher School of Economics, St-Petersburg.

2013 November 21-24, Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), Boston.

2013 June 13-14, “Explaining Contentious Politics in Russia”, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

2013  May 15-16, International Conference: “The Heritage of Vladimir Bibikhin (towards the 75th anniversary of birth)”: organizer and presenter.

2013  March 4, “Decentring the West: Democracy in the Struggle for Hegemony.” University of Tartu, Estonia.

2013  March 1, “Democracy in The Contemporary World”, The European University at Saint-Petersburg, organizer and presenter

2012 July 9-13, Annual Symposium in Phenomenology, Theme “Revolution and Phenomenology”, Perugia, Italy.

2012 April 15-17, Revolutions and protest movements,” Smolny Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Saint-Petersburg State University (organizer and presenter).

2011 25th - 27th Aug. 2011, 6th ECPR General Conference,
University of Iceland, Reykjavik.

2011 April 15-16, “What does it mean to say “no”?”, Smolny Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Saint-Petersburg State University (organizer and presenter).

2011 April 8-9, “Actor, Performer, Citizen: Thinking new modes of being in Performance & Philosophy.” Helsinki Art Academy.

2010 November 20, “Crisis of University Education in Russia”, Department of Philosophy, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia.

2010 October 14-15, “Social Mission of the University”, Smolny Institute at the Saint-Petersburg State University (organizer and presenter).

2010 9-10 April,Politics of Unity”. Smolny Institute and Saint-Petersburg State University. (Organizer and presenter).

Research Projects:

2016-17, “Can We Live Together: Nation and State in Today’s Russia”. (Foundation for Support of Liberal Education/Higher School of Economics), participant, project coordinator.

2014, Political Socialization in Contemporary Russia (SPBSU).

2012-2013 Political Subjectivity in Contemporary Russia and in The World (SPBSU)

Professional interests:

Political Theory, Aesthetics, Dialectical Philosophy, Soviet and Russian Literature and Theory, Theory and History of Revolution.

Languages: Russian (native), English (close to native), French (fluent), German (fluent reading), Spanish (reading), Latin and Ancient Greek (reading with a dictionary).

Professional Service: Anonymous reviewer for: Constellations, Modernism/Modernity, Rethinking Marxism, Stasis, National Science Center Poland.


Association for Slavic and East European Studies; Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy.