Aims and Scope

Stasis is a peer-reviewed academic journal in social and political theory, published twice per year and edited by a group of influential intellectuals from Eastern, Central, and Northern Europe. The Journal is published by the European University at Saint Petersburg. Stasis is a bilingual journal that publishes articles in English and in Russian, and accepts articles for publication in both the English and Russian languages. In the case of acceptance, the articles originally written in English are translated into Russian. The title, Stasis, means at once a particular position, an interrupting suspension, and an uprising. The journal thus represents an excentric and estranged standpoint which considers things and events while always holding in view the possibility of revolutionizing them. Far from defending stagnation, Stasis thus suggests a sudden interruption of the hectic inertial motion, in a move of reflection and contestation.

We accept manuscripts in social and political theory and continental philosophy.