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Gal Kirn

Dr Gal Kirn currently works as a Humboldt Foundation postdoctoral fellow at HU-Berlin and works on paradigmatic shifts in 20th century from cinema-train to car-television. He holds a PhD in political philosophy from the University of Nova Gorica, where he worked on the contemporary French political philosophy and history of socialist Yugoslavia (forthcoming in Slovenian). He was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht (2008–2009) and a research fellow at Institute of Cultural Inquiry Berlin (2010–2011). He is a co-editor (with Peter Thomas, Sara Farris and Katja Diefenbach) of the book Encountering Althusser (Bloomsbury, 2012), (with Dubravka Sekulić and Žiga Testen) of the book Yugoslav Black Wave Cinema and its Transgressive Moments (JvE Academie, 2012), and an editor of the book Postfordism and its discontents (JvE Academie, B-Books and Mirovni Inštitut, 2010).

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