About EUSP

Jacob Rogozinski

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Strasbourg, where he succeeded J.L. Nancy in 2002. His research is focusing on phenomenological thinking of the Ego and the Body, on Poetry (especially on the French poet Antonin Artaud) and on History of the "Body Politics". He is currently working on a genealogy of exclusion and persecution, especially on the Witch-Hunting.
He published recently in French Faire part — cryptes de Derrida, Lignes, 2005 (new edition forthcoming), Le moi et la chair, Cerf, 2006 (English translation: The Ego and the Flesh, Stanford University Press, 2010) and Guérir la vie — la Passion d'Antonin Artaud, Cerf, 2011. Some of his essays have already been published in English in different collections, as Rethinking Facticity, SUNY Press, 2008; Law and Evil, Routledge, 2010, The Sublime and its Teleology, Brill, 2011.

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