About EUSP

Alexander Mikhailovsky

Candidate of Sciences (The Philosophy of Technology in Ernst Jünger and Martin Heidegger, 2002) and Associate Professor with the National Research University Higher School of Economics, School of Philosophy, he is editorial board member of journals “Socrates Journal“, “Yearbook of the Phenomenological Philosophy”, “Plato Studies” (in Russian); resp. editor and co-author of the collective monograph Subjectivity and identity (Moscow, HSE, 2012, in Russian). He has also published articles on such topics as history of Ancient Greek philosophy, phenomenology and hermeneutics, political philosophy, Russian and German intellectual history of the 20th century. He has also translated from German into Russian and edited books by Ernst Jünger, Friedrich Georg Jünger, Oswald Spengler, Heinrich Meier. He is now preparing a monograph on political ontology of the “conservative revolution” in Germany.

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