About EUSP

Anatoly Akhutin

Graduated from the Department of Chemistry (Moskow State University). In 1965 he defended his PhD thesis on physical chemistry. 1965–1988 he works in the Institute for the history of sciences and technology ASUSSR. He published two monographs: «The History of the physical experiments paradigms from antiquity till the early modern period» (M. 1976, 297 p.) and «The concept «Nature» in antiquity and in XVII c.» (М. 1988, 208 р.). 1988-1991 he works in the Institute of Philosophy ASUSSR. 1991–2013 he works in the  Russian State University for Humanity, at first in the scientific and educational laboratory «Dialog of cultures», then in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities  and  afterwards in the Department of Philosophy. During this time he published two monographs: «Watershed times» (SPb. 2005, 741p.) and «Antique principles of Philosophy» (SPb. 2007, 784 p.).  His interests include general philosophy, cultural philosophy and the history of sciences. At the present time he is on retirement benefit.

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