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Issue 1

Viktor Pelevin’s Postmodern Apocalypse


This article is devoted to the work of the leading living Russian prose writer, Viktor Pelevin, in the context of the image and idea of world’s end that is so present in his writings. In many of Pelevin’s novels, a fictional world that the reader first accepts turns out to be a deliberate creation of this or that demiurge, realistically depicted as spin doctor. Apocalypse is thus rendered in a Gnostic/Buddhist manner. What is specific for Pelevin against a background of the postmodern and cyberpunk genres he continues, is the elaboration of an antiworld symbolic weapon, a formula that counters a world so as to make it perish. The main reason for this motif is the desire to protect/shelter oneself—and the reader—from the violence of language that remains authoritative even in absence of any public authority.


apocalypse, сontemporary Russian literature, Pelevin, Platonov, Porshnev